Christmas: time for increased spam

I have an email widget on my phone, which updates my emails periodically. Previously, I was lucky to get 1 or 2 new emails a day. However, in the past two days, my inbox has increased in spam during this lead up to Christmas. Email marketing is still alive and well people!

In the past 2 days I have amassed more than 60 emails in my inbox from various deals websites and specific brands about Christmas specials, reminders to get my orders in and the like. I have only opened one email from eBay regarding a one day sale on Apple iPad. (I missed out unfortunately). This could be partly my own fault for signing up to email subscriptions… I don’t have that many… probably around 10 or so from my favourite brands, websites etc. I will utilise the select all function and DELETE!

Marketers should be careful to send out too many emails during the Christmas period! It may backfire and I will stop subscribing all together if it gets really out of hand!

Just like they say.. it IS the silly season!


Exam death by Facebook

I’m back online and active in the blogger world once again! (Hurrah?) Anyway, it’s been a hectic exam period as per usual, but found that it’s given me an interesting topic to blog about!

Now more than ever, we are constantly connected to the internet, and there are so many ways one can be distracted from studying! From funny memes, to cute cat pictures.. online shopping.. the list really goes on. What I found during my exam period was that I was checking Facebook for new updates every few hours just to find something to do and procrastinate even more. While it’s ok to take a break and go on to check for quick updates..sometimes these quick updates soon turn into 20 or 30 minute sessions that really can affect your studying.

So, here are some tips I have come up with to defeat this habit during exam times.

1) Delete Facebook app on your smartphone

2) Ask someone to put your phone away for you

3) Turn off your phone

4) Get someone to change your password for you

5) Deactivate your Facebook account

6) Continuously visual your goals and stay motivated!

However, a word of caution: side affects such as feelings of disconnectedness, possible increased anxiety and stress and even more procrastination may occur. Hopefully with these tips in mind perhaps we can all do a little better next exam period!

Do you guys have any other tips or thoughts on how to avoid going on facebook during exam time? Please do share 🙂