Social TV?

So one of my favourite past times is being a couch potato and watching TV! And when I noticed at  TV shows such as Masterchef, the Voice and X factor all had a social media component, I thought it would be a good point for discussion on the blog.

Recently, new reality TV shows have incorporated a new social media medium to their programs, encouraging viewers to vote, chat and create buzz for characters, events and the show in general. For example, in last year’s X factor series on Channel 7, where contestants posted ‘shout out’ pictures to viewers.

On the other hand, SBS has used social media to generate meaningful discussions for their TV programs as well, for example Insight uses twitter and facebook to generate meaningful discussion about topics raised in each week’s episode. Social engagement through a second screen is becoming a useful tool for tv networks and creators to generate buzz and activity.

How is this relevant for marketing? I guess it’s important because viewers who typically skip or channel surf are now more likely to engage in social media during the ad breaks. An article in the Australian Television reborn as newest social medium points out how marketing communications can be integrated to make use of this new social tv. The example given is the US super bowl where ads where developed for new platforms such as tv ad campaigns for smartphones, laptops and tablets, which were aired at the same time that the television ads were running. This increases exposure and awareness, which is always a good thing for marketers. It’s important though, that the messages are streamlined and viewers are not constantly bombarded with the same message and ads. I think social TV has still got a long way to go. I think social tv is the a very good idea, but it will be interesting to see how marketers use this to deliver their messages across given that there are so many new platforms of engagement.   I have a twitter but never considered to participate in the discussions online mainly because I prefer to read/listen to what others have to say before making my own opinion. Here is a video that talks more about social tv and how it’s being used. It also highlights the possibilites and positives of it. Very interesting!

What do you think of this  ‘social TV’? Do you participate in it?


One thought on “Social TV?

  1. I haven’t participated (yet) in social TV, though I like how both Q&A and Can of Worms feature comments from Twitter and Facebook throughout their debates. Social TV may just be the last weapon in the TV broadcast network’s arsenal against content on demand services / illegal downloads / etc – used properly, it could very well encourage viewers to tune in and watch at the scheduled broadcast time. Looking forward to seeing more creative use of this!

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