Too many ads!

Here is a great rant about the number of ads on Youtube! .. contains swearing!

But seriously…. this is pretty poor form as a Marketing student, but I recently noticed that the number of ads across youtube and facebook.. have increased. And they did it in quite a sneaky fashion too.

There used to be just ads on the right hand side with the ‘sponsored links’, but now amidst my news feed I have ads there too, and also on the left hand side, with a huge vertical banner. What trips me out is the fact that sometimes the ads play music or sounds, and I’m always wondering if it’s a popup ad, or if I have some sort of virus on my computer (….so not paranoid!) But what got me wondering was… is this potentially too much? I’ve found that I have started to avoid logging on to Facebook via the web and instead finding it a less distracting to visit Facebook on my smartphone instead.

Facebook ads. DISLIKE.

Of course, advertising on the web isn’t new, but it does feel …almost like an invasion of my personal space with the these huge banner ads. This is probably due to the fact that my news feeds.. should be exactly that- a news feed for all the updates from my ‘friends’ and other pages I have liked. Not for Facebook to bombard me with ads I could ‘potentially’ like. I do admit though, some of the ads I see, I do click when it is relevant and worthwhile. I’m not saying that Facebook should zone them out completely (because.. how else is Mark Zuckerburg going to make money??) but perhaps they should keep exploring more options on how to seamlessly integrate ads without this perception of ‘invasion’.

Here is also another article  from cnet, where your new nightmare just may be Facebook ads.

And here is the obligatory ‘I Hate Facebook Ads’ page!

…..I haven’t liked it.

… not yet.

Thoughts? What are your experiences? Have you actually purchased anything or considered buying anything that was advertised on Facebook?

edit: I just realised that on uni computers and my brother’s computer, the ads don’t appear as often? The left hand side huge banner ads is not there, it’s there when I log in on my laptop. Am I missing something? Please help me solve the mystery!


4 thoughts on “Too many ads!

  1. In the short term, ads can get very frustrating. Especially when you wait 30 seconds to watch a 10 second clip ala ‘Rush Hour quotes’ or something equally as entertaining.
    But in the long term, I’d much rather wait the 30 seconds than pay 30 bucks a month to use Youtube….

  2. While these these ads feel like an invasion of personal space on the page, it feels like more of an invasion of privacy as websites like facebook use data mining as a source for specifically choosing ads that are relevant to each internet user.

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