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I love weddings.. everything about them appeals to my inner hopeless romantic. So when I watched this video on youtube, I was compelled to find out more about this ‘Find Yours’ Campaign from Expedia

On the website, there are more videos relating to finding, your “future”, your ‘goodbye’, etc etc. Really heartwarming videos that speak to everyone.

I have so far watched a few, and they are really good! If you want to watch more videos

So far this one is my favourite:

PR News wire gives us a break down on the elements and how this campaign is currently being implemented: Expedia Prompts Travelers to “Find Yours” in New Brand Campaign Celebrating the Transformative Power of Travel

Here is a short overview of the strategy:

Personal Storytelling – mini documentries to tell amazing travel stories. Integrating connection and media through sharing photos on facebook

Travel blogs- Travel blogging is insanely popular and this is another way of story telling which Expedia have not hesitated to tap into. Sponsorships into paid blogger trips and partnering up wtih TripStyler and The Planet D, to get more conversation going. Also sponsoring Passports with Purpose, an organization dedicated to doing long-lasting good for people who live in the places travelers visit (past efforts include creating two libraries in Zambia , a school in Cambodia and a village in India ) and TBEX 2012 – a travel blogger conference – in the U.S. and in Spain . Very active on the blogging front!

Social Media – Sharing pics and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Also competitions on twitter & pinterest via photosharing

This is a great example of IMC working together across many platforms. I think it’s a brilliant campaign, linking different experiences with travel and human emotion. One of the great things about travel is that everyone comes out of with a story to tell and these user generated videos, gives it a great sense of authenticity and engagement. Linking that back to Expedia is so powerful, especially with digital media in the mix allowing for  two way communication,.. guys I think we have a winner! Another thing I noticed was that there was a great focus on the stories, and not the destinations which is typical of the travel industry. I think this is a better approach considering that the travel industry is estimated to be worth US $1.15trillion in 2012 (IBISworld), the online space for travel is getting more and more competitive.

My love for infographics never end, here is another one to outline what is happening to the travel industry with more users using mobile apps and the internet to make travel arragnements. The online travel industry is definitely changing- very rapidlt too.

Highlights of the infographic point to the fact that 3 in 4 travellers use mobile devices while on the move, & 2/3 say they are likely to shop, browse and book travel activities on their mobile devices. Marketers should be aiming to integrate mobile devices into their marketing activities!

I can’t wait to see the results of this campaign.

What do you think of this campaign? Which ‘Find Yours’ video did you like best?… more importantly, do you have any travel stories to share?

Now I’m off to watch some more videos 🙂


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